Letter to my Estranged Son

Estrangement is a two-way street. A two-edged sword. In our circumstance, at least, one has chosen but both must endure. Now, I know the facts of the matter, of course, the events that did, and did not happen. The things I did, and did not do. What I don’t know, and would not hazard to […]

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Revamp, redo, rename, re:new

I recently noticed that I haven’t posted a blog since October 2020. And while that is not too surprising considering the slowing down and emotional claustrophobia of our current state of affairs, it did cause me to wonder if I had any blogs left in me. I thought maybe the site just needs a revamp, […]

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Hope in the Absence of Clues

The old man asked me the significance of my tattoo. I said, “Are you familiar with Sherlock Holmes?” He replied, “All of them!” And he was right, or at least partially right… Like most folks, I have watched a lot of TV during the quarantine/shut downs caused by Corona and two shows I have watched […]

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Exorcising Demons

Some jokes are classics. Some jokes don’t age well. Some jokes can bring a laugh years after the fact. Some jokes weren’t that funny to begin with. And some jokes, well, some jokes were never jokes at all… they were demons. For me, it was an oft repeated jest… “You’ll know my marriage is over […]

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Hey There Little Bean

Today is Parker’s 25th birthday and I am going to indulge myself and tell a few stories to celebrate him by. A couple from his actual BIRTH day… we did not find out the gender of the baby prior to delivery so the moment he appeared was a huge surprise. The doctor held him up […]

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Freaky Coincidence Stuff

I will ask you the same thing I asked a couple of friends earlier this week – do you believe in freaky, weird coincidence stuff? Today is the 3 year anniversary of Parker’s death so I get that I am a bit on edge. I understand that I may seem a little more moody than […]

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When I Am Old With You, Papa

This Sunday is Father’s Day, so as is my recent custom, I will be hibernating. But before I go,  I wanted to share this with you. It hurts, it heals, it bites, it brings questions, it provides no answers, and I can’t look away. But that is the way of things for those who have […]

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Black Saturday’s Endless Loop

For those of you within the Christian persuasion this is Holy Week, the week between Palm Sunday and Easter – the ‘Triumphal’ Entry of Christ into Jerusalem this past Sunday, the crucifixion of Good Friday and finally resurrection on Easter. But did you know there is a name for Saturday? That day of loss and […]

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And I Use The Term Loosely…

Stories are audible photographs and I think the best stories told are the ones that remind you of other stories to tell, and so you do and so I will. Last week, I told a story about Watson that brought to mind a story about Parker that bears telling now… This occurred on a snowy, […]

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