Parker Leaves For The Sun

There is a day in the journey of every grieving heart – a day you dread – the day that you feel like only you notice anymore. Whether it is the marking of anniversaries, the passing of time with a hole in it, the milestones that aren’t, the stories that jump to your lips and you realize you have already told that one over and over again…

It’s not malicious, it’s not even conscious. At the moment of the wound, people circle the wagons to protect and care –  the closer the heart connection, the longer they stay. But eventually, people have to live their own lives.

That’s just how it goes.

This past Sunday was the 2 year anniversary of losing Parker in the predawn hours of August 12th and Facebook memories filled my phone screen letting me know that I had already told the stories, already shared the song lyrics, already asked people to join me in the remembering… social media chiding me to get on with it – been there, done that. That’s just how it goes.

But then an 18 year old photographer in Florida took a picture of a rocket…

My parents subscribe to ‘Astronomy Picture of the Day’ through the NASA website and yesterday they sent me the link (the picture shown above). It caught their attention because the name of the rocket is the Parker Solar Probe. Intrigued, I looked up more information about the launch and discovered that it took place in the predawn hours of August 12th, literally within a couple of hours to being 2 years to the minute.

I don’t know if it was a coincidence or God/the Universe or just Parker sending me a wink and a nudge, but I thought it was very cool and for a moment it felt like I wasn’t the only one who noticed what the day meant…

Epilogue: The Parker Solar Probe will fly a several year long mission closer to the sun than anything before it. The PSP will also, along the way, become the fastest man-made object in human history reaching speeds of 430,000 mph. That sounds like Parker, doesn’t it? It reminds me of the time Parker tried to teach himself parkour… well, I am sure I have already told you that story before…

Photo Credit: John Kraus

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