Freaky Coincidence Stuff

I will ask you the same thing I asked a couple of friends earlier this week – do you believe in freaky, weird coincidence stuff?

Today is the 3 year anniversary of Parker’s death so I get that I am a bit on edge. I understand that I may seem a little more moody than normal. I realize that I might be looking for clues where there are no mysteries. I get it.

But this past week held a few freaky, weird moments for me and I am left unsure.

Freaky Moment #1: This past Wednesday I sat in on a webinar at work for a new program involving prepaid Visa cards rather than checks and the first slide in the PowerPoint was the picture above (this is not a picture of a real card, nor is the number real – don’t be a nimrod). In the bottom left corner of the cards we will be using it reads ‘Valued Customer’. On the picture this past Wednesday morning it said ‘Parker’.

Freaky Moment #2: On Thursday I was working around the shop and I walked into the Acoustic Room where there was a man with long brown hair and a little blond haired boy. As I went about my task I heard the man address the boy by the name Parker.

Freaky Moment #3: I asked the man if the boy’s name was, indeed, Parker and he said yes. Then he said “and my name is also Chris”  – what the what?? I didn’t know this guy, how did he… oh, I was wearing my GC name tag… OK, not freaky clairvoyant but still a little unnerving – this dad named Chris with a son named Parker…

As with most of my postings these last few years, I don’t have a point or an answer or a kitschy cliche to pass along – more just a real time gushing of the waves rolling, just a free form look at how one man grieves and survives. And as the bits and pieces ricochet about in my mind I am brought to Freaky Moment #1a – look at the picture of the Visa card again… it doesn’t just read Parker. It says B Parker. B Parker. B. Be.

Be Parker…

How I would love to be Parker, or rather, be like Parker. He was the one person who managed to be authentic and genuine and truly himself. He was the one person who managed to be cleric, sage, warrior, bard and scallywag all at the same time. He was the one person who managed to love everyone in the family in the wake of the divorce. He was one of my heroes and I miss him.

Today is the 3 year anniversary of Parker’s death so I get that I am chasing ghosts but still… it is kind of freaky, weird, right?

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