Hey There Little Bean

Today is Parker’s 25th birthday and I am going to indulge myself and tell a few stories to celebrate him by.

A couple from his actual BIRTH day… we did not find out the gender of the baby prior to delivery so the moment he appeared was a huge surprise. The doctor held him up and asked me “What do we have, dad – is it a boy or a girl?” My answer “It’s a Parker!” He entered the world on his own terms and defied the world to say any different.

Immediately after this moment, the nurses took him and did the normal new born checks and tests, put the meds in his eyes, and then they told me I could come closer. I leaned down and whispered to him, “…

OK, some explanation might be in order here – as I mentioned before, we chose not to find out the gender so while he was in utero we had to come up with a nickname so I could talk to the baby. At one point very early on, his mother wondered aloud how something the size of a coffee bean could make her so sick and voila! The nick name Bean was born (much to his chagrin, especially that time his parents accidentally called him Bean in front of his school friends) Back to the story…

I leaned down and whispered to him, “hey there, little Bean.”

Now, I had been warned by the nurse not to expect much in the way of interaction at this point as the baby might be very overwhelmed by all the trauma of birth and the new stimuli surrounding him.

“hey there, little Bean” – I had said that to him a thousand times through the pregnancy – wondering what my voice would sound like from within the womb. Could the baby hear me? Did I sound distorted, muffled, ominous, comforting? Could the baby hear me sing and joke and talk and hope for this new life?

As I bent down over him – thinking only that I was glad he was safely arrived and expecting nothing from this little stranger – I whispered to him, “hey there, little Bean.” Completely ignoring what the nurse had just told me – this little bean, this new born, this Parker – immediately and specifically turned his head and looked me straight in the eyes as if to say “I know that voice, I know you.”

Happy Birthday, Parker – you entered the world on your own terms and defied the world to say any different.

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