Sudden Broken Reflection

Sometimes in the shop I see little kids with their dads and I hear them say things like: “Please dad, can we?” “Please dad, can I come with you?” “Please dad?” And the dads say “no” for whatever reason… Sometimes down the rabbit hole, I hear the echoes of my own little boys as they... Continue Reading →

Looking For The Remnant…

REMNANT: 1 a : a usually small part, member, or trace remaining b : a small surviving group 2 : an unsold end of piece goods The term 'remnant' has come up in my life several times. It has often defined my spiritual longing - it was the title of a song I wrote -... Continue Reading →

Now More Than Ever

Recently the band and myself started an IndieGogo crowdfunding campaign to raise the budget for a new album. The timing of which was based on when we were booked into a studio to start the album and a projected release date. What we had no way of knowing was that in that same time frame... Continue Reading →

Trouble With Ghosts

I have been having a lot of trouble with ghosts lately. Not the ectoplasmic kind. Or the floating sheet kind. But more the memory/event/loss kind. They are all different and they all inhabit different spaces and they all require different responses... some need to be explored, some need to be left behind, and some need... Continue Reading →

What’s In A (Father’s) Name?

Father's Day is coming this Sunday and I am dreading it. No need to dredge up details of why - if you know me, you know why. But, even though I am not looking forward to Sunday, it doesn't keep me from thinking through things and today I am thinking about names. Father, Da-Da, Daddy,... Continue Reading →

No Answers, Just Straws

The loss of a child changes you - marks you - changes your definition. It can start to twist you and if you're not careful, it will swallow you. At least, that has been my experience so far... Obviously, there are a host of ways that one can lose a child and every story is... Continue Reading →

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