The Guitars

I love guitars. No doubt. They are the tools of my trade and the voice of my soul; they are works of art and art meant for hard work. I have owned many guitars in my life and let more than a few get away that never should have.

Like most players, I started out getting the first guitar I could. Then I saved a little money and traded up. Then I did it again. And again. And… Now, I am at a stage where I am building a workable arsenal of instruments – a collection, if you will. Not a collection like Rick Nielsen (200+), Joe Perry (600+), Eric Clapton in his heyday (3,000), or even Hippy Pete here in Syracuse (you know the deal…) – but more like 35-40 instruments that can handle any situation, live or studio, that I may run into.

The collection I envision encompasses several areas: (1-10) a variety of Telecasters (I love Telecasters!), (11-20) guitars of my heroes, (21-30) guitars I have had an eye for over the years, (31-34) birth year guitars, and (35-38) acoustic guitars. The list leaves 39 and 40 open for anything unknown or unforeseen at this point. So, listed below are the guitars I have (in bold)… and the ones I want (in italics)… along with photos at the bottom. Enjoy!

  1. CA Model Telecaster Build
  2. Ian Lava Telecaster Mashup
  3. Fender Troublemaker Telecaster
  4. Fender Vintage 50’s Roadworn Telecaster
  5. tele (Parker Designed Build)
  6. tele (Ian Designed Build)
  7. Schecter PT Monster Edition/Gotham Cloth Top
  8. tele
  9. tele
  10. tele
  11. Epiphone Gary Clark Blak & Blu Casino (the Beatles, Gary Clark)
  12. Rickenbacker 325/350 (John Lennon, the Beatles, Bangles, CCR)
  13. Rickenbacker 330 (the Beatles, Tom Petty, the Who)
  14. Rickenbacker 450/620 (Cheap Trick)
  15. 1960’s Univox ‘Lectra Bass (Japanese Hofner copy, the Beatles, Paul McCartney)
  16. Hofner Club 40 (Paul McCartney, the Beatles)
  17. Gretsch Brian Setzer Hot Rod (Brian Setzer)
  18. Gretsch Duo Jet (George Harrison, the Beatles)
  19. Ovation Deacon or Breadwinner (the Partridge Family)
  20. Fender Custom Shop Closet Classic Rosewood Telecaster (George Harrison, the Beatles)
  21. Fender Traditional 60’s Midnight MIJ Stratocaster
  22. Epiphone Union Jack Sheraton
  23. Epiphone P93 Riviera
  24. Epiphone Wildkat
  25. Epiphone Les Paul SL
  26. Gibson Les Paul Trad Pro II (PAR)
  27. 2006 Gibson Goddess Les Paul
  28. Danelectro 12 String
  29. Carvin DC-150
  30. Gretsch FSR G5422TG (wedding guitar)
  31. 1963 Sears Silvertone w/ Amp in Case
  32. 1966 Gibson Melody Maker SG
  33. 1995 guitar
  34. 2001 guitar
  35. Tokai ‘freebie’ MIJ Classical
  36. Gibson J-45 Studio
  37. Taylor 210e
  38. Regal RC-58 Resonator (PAR)
  39. ???
  40. ???



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